Welcome to the Christian Reformed Church of Dandenong, please take the time to look around, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Who Are We?

The Christian Reformed Church of Dandenong is part of the denomination called “The Christian Reformed Churches of Australia”. Though only a small denomintion in Australia we belong to a large family of Reformed churches around the world (including Presbyterian Churches).

As a Christian Reformed Church we are distinguished by our insistence that the Bible is the actual Word of God, which is trustworthy in every aspect, and therefore is our sole rule for life and conduct. This is based on the following reformational principles:

God’s word alone as the final authority by which we are to live.

Christ is the one true Saviour of the world.

Salvation is a gift of grace alone and not by works.

We are saved by faith in Christ alone.

All of this is from God to whom we give all the glory.

What we believe.