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Be cared and prayed for

Our Elders and Pastor oversees and cares for our members and visitors. In addition, retired Elders and gifted pastoral carers and helpers help our Elders in this important area. Our Pastoral Care Team also prays for member praise points and needs that are raised with them.

Be cared for practically

Sharing Jesus’ love in word and deed, our Diaconal Team practically cares for those in and outside our church family by writing cards, visiting, sending flowers, providing meals and gift vouchers, coordinating gift catalogue fundraisers, supporting local charities like Cornerstone and Transit Outreach and sets up and serves Lord Supper elements.

Be cared
Join our bible study

Join a Bible study

Members meet in small communities through the week to read and grow in their faith from God’s word, pray for one another, share joys and burdens with each other and encourage each other.

Serve at Shawlands outreach

Church volunteers offer support and a meal each week at Shawlands Caravan Park, 65 South Gippsland Highway, Dandenong South on Tuesdays from 4.00 to 5.30 pm. Food vouchers are made available for emergencies too.

We have two on-site caravans. One is for hospitality, it has a small kitchen, library books and kids toys. The other van is a mini op-shop, offering a wide variety of household goods, emergency packs, toasters, kettles, bedding, heaters, fans etc. All merchandise is available at very low prices, however if there is a real need and no money to pay for goods, it is for free, no questions asked.

After “being in the park” for over 15 years we have met a lot of people, each in different circumstances and we have helped many of them, also often by offering a listening ear.

Our goal is to make a difference, since we understand that life has its challenges and can be awfully tough at times. Should you have any suggestions as to how we could improve our services and/or ideas, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

We strive to show that we care and wherever possible will lend a hand. We are in close partnership with park management and for any assistance the office at the front of the park is your first port of call

What we believe

Support our Op Shop

Operates out of the church and offers quality goods at cheap prices. We also have a café and children’s play area available. All profits go to helping the needy in our local community.
Opening hours: 9 am- 4.00 pm on Thursdays.
What’s there: Clothing, shoes, books, puzzles, toys, manchester, furniture, household items …. and so much more. We welcome people to come in browse and have a chat over a cuppa in our cafe.

Join the Choir

The Jubilate Choir is an outreach choir of between 70 and 80 members from several denominations and ministers in song and music.

The Choir practices at our church on Wednesday nights, from 7.30 pm and has special presentations on Palm Sunday (Sunday before Good Friday) and Christmas.

Support Chaplaincy

We provide prayer and financial support to Scripture Union trained Chaplains at a local primary school. These chaplains provide wonderful support and friendship to children and families.

Support missions

Our church supports mission work in India, Solomon Islands, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Uganda through generous giving to the following:


We donate vital funds for 130+ orphans and widows in Uganda. Members are encouraged to go on mission trips and give through monthly sponsorships. For special milestones, we send a card to our members and instead of flowers we send a donation to Hope Builders. More information at

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A denominational team who helps train ministry workers, provides Bibles and materials and supports church planting in Asia.

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Solomon Islands

Our denomination runs a mission in the Solomon Islands which provides support and training to local pastors, as well as practical aid through construction and relief projects at schools, hospitals and disability services.  More information at

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World Transform

A denominational team who administers offerings from our churches to bring Gospel deed help to the hurting and needy around the world. More information at
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